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Mt Washington - Mar 11   

10 BOCers travelled to Mount Washington at various points during the day on March 4, and amazingly all made it up the hill without chains (although following right behind the snow plow helped one group!) We arrived in virtual whiteout conditions, snow blowing horizontally, and stuck vehicles all over the place, including a bus further up the hill from the chalet. This created long waits for some on the road (fortunately none of our group was caught up for too long). As the idea of skiing or snowshoeing in a blizzard was not appealing, we amused ourselves by watching vehicles try to make it up the hill.

True to form, dawn broke on Saturday to a beautifully sunny day. We variously downhill skied, cross-country skied and snowshoed. With about 80 cm of fresh snow, breaking trail was arduous, and so we mostly stuck to trails that had already been broken by other hikers. What a gorgeous winter wonderland! The previous days wind had created lots of drifts, and they formed fantastic crests and pyramids. Heather tried out her new cross-country skis and Susie enjoyed her new snowshoes. Gerard and Rimka made it all the way to Battleship Lake.

Sunday was another lovely day, although some of us were a little short of sleep. The lower chalet had been rented by a group of snowboarders who decided to invite all their friends over and not go to bed. The result was kids trying to get in all night, and banging indiscriminately on both chalet doors. The chalet manager tried to get them to shut up, but with no success. Mount Washington were good enough to offer us a partial refund for that night, which we accepted. However it did not spoil everyones enjoyment of another great snow day.

As usual we enjoyed excellent food, lots of laughter and a very enjoyable weekend.

- Susie
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