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BOC 20th Anniversary BBQ & hikes ~ July 23, 2011   
As years go by, trees have a (fortunate) characteristic called “growing”. This has the effect, over time, of changing “Vistas” into “walls of trees”. When Halvor Lunden first opened up these trails, many years ago, the views were, no doubt, Diez (ten) in number. These days there are fewer view points, but we should remember the tireless enthusiasm of Halvor Lunden (who passed away, aged 93 in July 2008) who created this trail, and many others, for all to enjoy.

Ten BOC’ers (appropriately for this hike) met up at Buntzen Lake, and after helping carry supplies down to where the BBQ would later be held, set off at brisk pace to the trail head. It is a stiff ascent up to the top of the ridge but, after that, the trail follows an undulating route, emerging from time to time onto bluffs to take in the Vistas.

After the last of the view points (this one obscured by healthy trees) we descended through the forest, heading for the west end of the lake. Counting heads, at one point, we were short of 2 hikers. No worries on this trail on a beautiful day like this, so we waited. And waited. Finally, deep in conversation, the 2 laggards appeared, apparently unaware of their snail-like pace. When it was pointed out that we might miss the BBQ if we didn’t get a move-on, one of the tardy ones, took off like a startled deer and we had a hard time keeping up with her.

At the lake we crossed on the suspension bridge, paused briefly at North Beach, and then kept going. It was approaching 1pm by this time and a steady stream of walkers/hikers was encountered, heading in the opposite direction. A good thing the trail at lake level is wide and well graded. Soon we could hear sounds of many voices, as we approached the main, South, Beach. Divesting ourselves of packs and boots we joined the rest of the BOC crowd for a well earned lunch and BBQ.

The BOC summer barbecue was held on Saturday, July 23rd, and someone up there must like us because for the first time in seemingly forever, we had an absolutely gorgeous day of sunshine and warm temperatures. This made it especially nice for the two groups who headed out early in the morning to burn off a few calories before sampling the typically delicious food brought by the members to the afternoon barbecue. The group of eight who chose the leisurely walk around the lower Buntzen Lake trail took in the scenic beauty of the lake and the surrounding mountains (when was the last time they weren't covered in cloud?), and the second group headed up the Diez Vistas trail.
Those who came to the barbecue were delighted to see some of the BOC “alumni” who had come out to help us celebrate our 20th anniversary. Laughs were shared as we talked about the old days and changes in our lives since many of us last met so many years ago. Two of our original members actually appeared in some Burnaby Outdoor Club T-shirts which we sold years ago, and they looked almost brand new (the shirts as well as those wearing them)! (Names are not being mentioned to protect the innocent.) Moral of the story is, “If you want to age gracefully, join the Burnaby Outdoor Club!”
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