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Manning Park trip ~ March 14-16, 2014   
Manning Park Weekend March 14 – 16

On the first day we tackled Windy Joe under mostly sunny skies. Most of us made it all the way to the top and had lunch in the fire watching cabin. Great views!

The second day took seven of us to Poland Lake with it’s huge climb up the ski slope. When we reached the top we had to break trail to the lake. Such a pretty hike though! On our way back another group expressed their thanks for our hard work. There was some sunshine and the temperature went up to a balmy 7 degrees. The other four of our group were cross country skiing. They remarked that the tracks got quite slushy later on in the day esp. when the rain started to fall down.

And on the last day we went around Lightning Lake. We didn’t want to risk going onto the lake with those mild temperatures esp. after Russ experienced a bit of sinking.

We used the pool & hot tubs after our hikes. Had lots of good food & fun at night.
What a great weekend this turned out to be!

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