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Al's Habrich Ridge ~ March 8, 2015   
Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail

The nine of us arrived at the Sea to Sky Gondola shortly
before the “special” 9 am Gondola run for back-country
hikers. The regular winter Gondola run starts at 10 am.

At the top of the Gondola, we quickly located the trail
head for AL’s Habrich Ridge Trail, and headed up through
the old forest along the new trail. Within a few
minutes, we came upon a series of large, rock bluffs that
provided incredible views.

After leaving the bluffs area, the trail wound gently up
through an open forest area to some small cliffs that had
ropes hung so that we could easily climb up. The climb
became a little more challenging as we encountered some
steep cliffs covered in snow and ice.

We arrived at the “shoulder’ part of Habrich Ridge at
noon, and stopped for a leisurely lunch and enjoyed the
scenery. An hour later, we headed back with a plan to
branch off the main trail to hike the Neverland Trail
loop and visit Neverland Falls and Neverland Lake.
Needless to say, this became a never-ending experience!
We easily found the trail markers for the Neverland
trail, however, several times we were diverted to side
trails that were marked with ribbons of varying colors.
We finally returned to the main trail without finding
Neverland Falls and Neverland Lake.

It should be noted that the last half of the trail from
Habrich Ridge is poorly marked such that the return trip
often involves a considerable effort to find the trail.
Something to keep in mind if you want to catch the last
Gondola to the parking lot. This was a great hike and I
certainly recommended it! We will be back.

Terry Treasure
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