Hike Ratings (e.g. a 4 hour hike with 250 m of elevation gain would be rated "B3")


A= 1-3 hours

B= 3-5 hours

C= 5-7 hours

D= greater than 7 hours, or overnight

Elevation Gain

(NOTE: these are "net gains", i.e. the difference between the start point and the highest point, not "cummulative gains", which account for all the uphill travel in rolling terrain, and which sometimes can be significantly greater than the "net gain" in elevation)

1 = up to 100 meters

2 = 100-200 meters

3 = 200-500 meters

4 = 500-1000 meters

5 = over 1000 meters

Participants are encouraged to ask the coordinator about the level of difficulty (terrain and gradient) and pace (slow, moderate or fast) of their hike or walk. Coordinators will ask new or unfamiliar participants about their hiking experience, fitness level, and recently completed hikes/walks to ensure that the outing is an appropriate match for the individual.

Footwear and clothing worn must be appropriate to the hike for reasons of safety and comfort. Each participant in a "back country" hike must carry the ten essentials in their pack in order to be prepared for unexpected events. Proper preparation is key to mitigating the risks associated with hiking in the back country.