We provide some links to help your hiking and outdoor experience.

Inspirational Video Links: these are not BOC generated, but they tend to embody the spirit and enjoyment of the outdoors we all share: how to build an igloo The Muir Project Pacific Crest Trail Yellow Aster Butte (Mount Baker area) The Mountain Appalachian Trail in 5 minutes Sea to Sky Trail introductory video Tarns and Trees MADE IN ICELAND Blank Spaces

Bivouac - lots of information about mountains, hikes, outdoor clubs

Club Tread Online Hiking Community - An online community dedicated to the outdoors. Has message boards, trail information, stories, photos, links, etc. Signup for a user id to use it

Canada Trails - web sports directory, covers hiking, skiing, biking, etc

BC Parks - check out the park before you go

North Shore Rescue - details on "back country" safety, the North Shore mountains, and trail conditions

Avalanche Info - check out avalanche details before you go

Outdoor Vancouver - Guide to sports and recreation in Vancouver BC and the surrounding area

The Skiers - Cross Country Skiing Club

Topo Maps - Atlas of Canada - Toporama

Vancouver Trails - Information on hiking trails in Vancouver area

Ridge Wilderness Adventures - the basic wilderness First Aid course is Canadian red Cross course that allows participants to venture into the woods with the knowledge and skill set to handle anything that nature throws at them!