New Membership

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Why join the Burnaby Outdoor Club?

General Information

  • Membership Fee: $30 per calendar year (for new members only, joining the Club after July 1 you pay $20 for the remainder of the calendar year, i.e. ending on Dec. 31)
  • All members are required to sign a liability waiver
  • All members should "book onto" an activity two days in advance to enable vehicle allocation and planning
  • Club trips are limited to a maximum of 12 participants
  • All outdoor activities start from a pre-arranged meeting place
  • Non-members may participate in one "free trial" activity before joining

Carpool fees are payable to drivers as follows:

$7 minimum per passenger for "in-town" and "near town" destinations
$10 minimum per passenger for "out of town" (beyond West Vancouver and Mission)

The trip leader will set the carpool exact fee for their trip, the amount depends on the distance and road-type travelled, as well as the number of passengers per vehicle. The driver suplies the vehicle, drives,  and is expected to have all their costs covered by the carpool fee provided by passengers.

Note: as a courtesy to drivers bring a change of footwear so you can take off your wet and/or muddy boots (and stow them in a bag) after the hike/outing.

For a membership and waiver forms, click Membership Form to get a copy

For FMBC Universal Waiver Basic Form, click FMBC Universal Waiver Basic Form to get a copy

For FMCBC Acknowledgment of Risk for Minors, click FMCBC Acknowledgment of Risk for Minors to get a copy

NOTE: The Membership Form and both FMBC Waiver Forms require a signature and must be returned via regular mail.